Client Rocky Mountain Leadership Program Added on May 10, 2017 Category Graphic Recording

The Rocky Mountain Leadership program held in Breckenridge Colorado gathers leaders from government services in Colorado and several other states across the nation. These leaders come together for a very interactive week-long session. I was invited to join them for the last day of the session to map a summary of their experiences. My invitation started the evening before, which was a night with Thomas Jefferson! A professional from Williamsburg VA, our past president stayed in role the whole night sharing the wisdom from our burgeoning government. I captured some key points he brought forth, and hopefully the essence of his image.

During the week, the program manager stayed in touch with me on a daily basis providing the essence of the day’s content along with some pictures. From the thumb ball opening exercise to shaping the path as an effective leader, I was able to visually summarize their daily activities. On the last day – the day I attended, I integrated the content of the final presenter, which tied into the previous topics very well.

The outcome is a graphic recording and a high level overview of their key topics, serving as a reminder of the areas on which these government leaders could focus their behaviors. This map was reproduced, and each participant received a smaller copy to remember and continually focus on the key essentials of their experience.

Graphic recording map created for the Rocky Mountain Leadership program by Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, CO.