Sue, this is SO fabulous! So grateful that you are getting us off to a great start with this wonderful vision. You beautifully captured the essence of so many important elements of a world without ageism.

– Janine V, Changing the Narrative

I thought it looked great! You have incredible skill. Thanks for doing this – AWESOME! That was a real treat to get the 7 Stages.
– Heenan, Blakeman and O’Hara, 3 to 5 Club

Whether you need graphic reporting or help putting together a learning program, Sue is creative and a joy to work with. I’ve worked with Sue for many years in different situations, and her goal is to help learners have that incredible “Aha” to say “I’ve GOT IT!”
– Becky M, Homestead Coaching

I had the pleasure of working with Sue on a training project. Sue was very knowledgeable, easy to work with, and her illustration skills added tremendous value to the end result.
– Shauna Q., Essential Consulting

I think Sue is a rock star. I’ve seen her graphic record in a whole roomful of people with a lot of information coming out. She sorts through the conversation quickly in her mind and decides what it is she wants to draw. Listening is such an important skill, and that transition of listening and filtering is amazing!
– Sarah R., Clarity Matters Consulting

Sue creates three graphic recording maps during our five-day leadership course. The maps are then scanned and distributed to the participants a few months later to review and use for teach backs during their follow-on training. During these reviews, we watch the class as they see these maps again. We often hear, “Oh, that’s us!” as they recall content and review parts of the maps, remembering their experience from the first class.

We as facilitators like the graphic recording maps because they’re clear, easy to follow, and create an emotional impact on students. For us and for them there is a great joy in watching the maps as they are created, and then reviewing them again during the next class.
– Federal Government Leadership Training Class

Your picture graphic was AWESOME!!!! Everyone loved it, and we gave each participant a copy. We also built out a floor model that we work through during the course that mirrors the drawing. It is a core part of our curriculum and the graphic anchors the learning for participants. The graphic is also a key takeaway for participants to connect with the learning long after the training.
– Michelle M., Summit Leadership Coaching

Sue was a pleasure to work with throughout the process! She was eager to ask questions and learn more about our meeting: logistics, background information, intended outcomes. Because of her work, we were able to share our strategic planning vision with our entire company in a more clear and understandable way. Sue was a true asset to our process, and I would highly recommend her services.
– Amit M, Academic Impressions

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a classroom in a long, long time! You are awesome!
– Don R, Denver Housing Authority

Sue Fody is a consummate professional who excels at everything she does. I retained Sue to do a graphic recording for a Keynote Speaking engagement in October, 2015 (for the Brain Injury Association of Missouri–BIAMO) and she did a fabulous job! Her work enhanced/added to my presentation and supported further engagement from over 150 who participated in two presentations to professionals who serve people with brain injuries and brain injury survivors and their family members.

Visual support is very important to communicate the same message in different ways, and the participants were each given a copy of the graphic recording so they will be better able to retain the content of the Keynotes.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Sue, a person who is dedicated, a woman of integrity, and a great business partner. Should you retain her graphic recording or instructional design services, I believe you will be, like me, a satisfied customer!
– Joanne C, Partner and Senior Organizational Consultant, CTAT, LLC

“I’ve attached a picture of the final vision map for Arapahoe United that emerged from our dinner dialogues. Comments from folks who stopped by were very positive, suggesting that you all helped paint a great vision for the community and that Sue Fody did a great job capturing it. Thanks, Sue! Thanks for the great work! People loved it.”
– Bill, The Civic Canopy 

I think you really captured the main points with a memorable visual reference. I had tons of questions at the end and throughout the entire conference people were coming up to me and complimenting me on the creativity of our program and loving the artwork. The drawings did turn out more awesome than I thought and they had an extremely powerful impact on the audience, based on feedback I received.
– Cindy, City of Englewood

Thank you for your kind and gracious words and observations from the last two days!

I absolutely love the impact on our managers/leaders and we owe you a debt of gratitude for pulling together a course curriculum that enables our managers/leaders to have such a collaborative and meaningful experience. You love instructional design and it shows in your work and your relationship with Lindsay and I.

Thank you for your time, attention and willingness to listen to us brainstorm, deliver the course, give feedback about the course and your edits, edits and more edits! You have the patience of a saint!

Take care and look forward to an opportunity to work with you in the future!
– Doreen K, City of Ft. Collins

Sue Fody (GOT IT!) was instrumental in taking our company from a collection of thoughts and processes into a cohesive group with her incredible ability to perform Needs Assessments and then communicate the findings in a way that clearly demonstrates the ROI of implementing recommendations.  Our company has already initiated many of her ideas, and is developing the resources required to continue following her well-thought out path for us.
– Heather W., Director of Education for Active Release Techniques

Sue has a unique and distinct ability to engage with her clients to clearly identify the business outcome required for a specific learning need. I brought Sue in to assist in developing a training program for roll out of a new highly technical product. Sue was masterful at engaging with a highly technical team to define and distill the real learning and business outcomes building a solution that more than met their expectations. Sue has a very strong customer orientation and works intently to understand the behavior and performance outcomes in a project. I would gladly leverage Sue on any learning project.
– John H, CONTXT

Sue is a phenomenal instructional designer, and an insightful leader of people. She challenges her direct reports to consistently strive for excellence, and to ask the tough questions in order to deliver the very best training resources. She is intuitive, creative, and a true professional.
– Mike F, Sr Sales Trainer at Vantiv