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Graphic recording by the numbers by Sue Fody, Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, Colorado.Converting concepts and ideas to images is such a powerful tool for the viewer/learner. This map illustrations just a few of the many statistics available that demonstrate how much faster the brain processes images than text.

I think back over my own educational experiences. I can tell you that I remember – to this day, after many decades – the parts of the eyeball, all the elements of the flower…because when I was learning I drew out the images and now they are ingrained in my mind. During school I took things that seemed complicated and complex and drew them out in a simplified format. This became an easy learning tool for me. I did that in grad school as well. To study for my ‘comps’ for my Masters degree, I mind mapped and drew out my entire comprehensive text book for a one-page summary.

Graphic recording is a powerful tool in a training class, conferences with speakers and breakout sessions, and meetings where content is important to retain. Visual summaries work!