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Capturing the messages of conference speakers with graphic recording by Sue Fody, Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, Colorado.Seven energetic speakers. Twenty-five minutes a piece. Five minute breaks.

A room full of Colorado government employees were energized by the messages of motivating speakers for the Rocky Mountain High Performance Government conference. Taking visual notes for participants results in a helpful summary so they can remember who said what!

Graphic recording in this setting requires high-powered listening, mental sorting keying in on higher level ideas, and translating some of those ideas into visual representations. This experience is as energizing for the graphic recorder as it is for the audience!

At the end of the morning, speakers took pictures of themselves by their area on the graphic map. Participants shot photos for themselves as a visual reminder of each speaker’s content. Group shots occurred in front of the map. Photos are tweeted, posted and spread out online as an excellent record of the messages of the session. What a great value add for any conference of speakers!