Added on November 30, 2017 Category Graphic Recording

This graphic recording map was captured live on a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet. The content was from one day of a three day management course given to members of a branch of the Federal government. The class was attended by approximately 40 managers in a conference center on the east coast.

So how to start? DiSC, values, vision and influence are very common topics in a management curriculum. I chose a true blue for my headers and mapped each chapter of content in a vertical format. My favorite part is People Reading. By looking at others with a DiSC focus, there is so much understanding that emerges.

A large part of the content I captured came from the input of the participants. For example, as the discussion focused on negative and positive behaviors of managers, I gleaned the essence of the stories they told. At breaks during the day, participants often come over to the map-in-progress and may discuss certain aspects. They often take pictures as well. What could be better than participants discussing the content of their training class with each other during a break! It’s an instructor’s dream!

The finished graphic recording displays all the key elements from the day. This class uses smaller placemat sized copies of the large graphic recording in their next leadership class. They will spend almost a half a day reviewing the content of the maps created during this experience. This one-page illustrated summary is a powerful content retention tool.

Graphic recording by Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs for government management course.