Added on May 12, 2017 Category Graphic Recording

This graphic map, summarizing input from participants at a conference, was captured on a 4 foot by 8 foot sheet. This organization is in the philanthropy space, and was holding their annual conference with a rendezvous theme. Attendees came from all over the United States, New Zealand and Israel. I pre-drew the top border to represent people traveling in via all modes of transportation.

The conference was held for two days and I came in on the morning of day two. This was an interesting process since I wasn’t attending any of the breakout sessions. During the sessions on the first day, the instructor asked the participants to write their thoughts on stickie notes. When I arrived the second day, I was given the pile of stickie notes to categorize and chart the compilation of thoughts under those categories. The three categories that emerged were Mentoring (Tenderfoot to the Elders), People (Why come back) and Wisdom. The relevant thoughts are grouped and color coded. Each illustration at the top represents the overarching message of the category.

The client retained the original map. They have also posted it on their website as part of the conference from 2017. This will be part of the marketing message for attracting attendees for next year’s conference.

This graphic recording map was created by Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs for a philanthropy organization at their annual conference.