What is going on, by graphic recording artist Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, Colorado.Zoomed out yet? Thanks a lot Covid, you’ve changed the world. <Enter your own emotional response here.> It’s the new normal for now, anyway. For most, Zoom, Teams, or other collaborative meeting software is the way we’re staying in touch and keeping business rolling. When you’re holding an online meeting, there is important content your team or organization needs to remember. A visual summary is very effective, and a way of keeping people engaged too. Read on about how you can tap into your graphic recorder’s superpower to increase retention of important content in an “over-zoomed” world!

Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs creating a graphic recording map in Denver, CO.So many zoom meetings, and so many notes to take. Think about how effective it would be for a graphic recorder to take your notes for you! Interested?

  1. Graphic recorders like me take visual notes in real time during meetings. One of your graphic recorder’s superpowers is intent listening. We are able to focus onto your important content and reproduce what people are saying with illustrations and colorful text. The outcome is a concise visual summary of the learnings.
  2. Your graphic recorder can also be an intent listener, be part of the meeting and draw up your notes after the meeting is over.
  3. A one-page summary of what was presented or discussed is a perfect reminder of the key elements of the message.

My studio is set up in a way that I can offer a few options to you:

  1. You can watch me create your graphic map live, as if I were working in person on a wall in your actual meeting. I’ll be one of those ‘squares’ in your zoom meeting. Occasionally I can share my screen so you can see a bigger representation of what I am creating. I will describe what is drawn at various intervals. This makes for a great debriefing tool as time goes on.
  2. I can also be a silent participant taking notes. I then create your visual summary as soon as your meet ends.

What do you get?

  1. You’ll receive an electronic version of your graphic recording map. This makes distribution as easy as adding it as an attachment to an email. It also allows all participants to have a visual review of your meeting, which they can also share with those who were unable to attend.
  2. You may want a copy of the original map as well. Let your graphic recorder know that so we can create the best sized map for your needs.

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