Thank you for your kind and gracious words and observations from the last two days!

I absolutely love the impact on our managers/leaders and we owe you a debt of gratitude for pulling together a course curriculum that enables our managers/leaders to have such a collaborative and meaningful experience. You love instructional design and it shows in your work and your relationship with Lindsay and I.

Thank you for your time, attention and willingness to listen to us brainstorm, deliver the course, give feedback about the course and your edits, edits and more edits! You have the patience of a saint!

Take care and look forward to an opportunity to work with you in the future!
– Doreen K, City of Ft. Collins

Sue Fody (GOT IT!) was instrumental in taking our company from a collection of thoughts and processes into a cohesive group with her incredible ability to perform Needs Assessments and then communicate the findings in a way that clearly demonstrates the ROI of implementing recommendations.  Our company has already initiated many of her ideas, and is developing the resources required to continue following her well-thought out path for us.
– Heather W., Director of Education for Active Release Techniques

Sue has a unique and distinct ability to engage with her clients to clearly identify the business outcome required for a specific learning need. I brought Sue in to assist in developing a training program for roll out of a new highly technical product. Sue was masterful at engaging with a highly technical team to define and distill the real learning and business outcomes building a solution that more than met their expectations. Sue has a very strong customer orientation and works intently to understand the behavior and performance outcomes in a project. I would gladly leverage Sue on any learning project.
– John H, CONTXT

Sue is a phenomenal instructional designer, and an insightful leader of people. She challenges her direct reports to consistently strive for excellence, and to ask the tough questions in order to deliver the very best training resources. She is intuitive, creative, and a true professional.
– Mike F, Sr Sales Trainer at Vantiv