Graphic Recording Morgan County by Sue Fody, Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, CO.

I had the privilege of graphic recording for the same client in two very different locations. In each county, interested members of the community came together to express their hopes and desires to improve the future of their communities. Both audiences were multi-lingual. Both exercises started with their WHY – their inspiration to invest time and thought to work together to address their challenges, express their visions and work towards positive change. The creative task was to take the input from each session and create a map, but each map needed to reflect the essence and uniqueness of each county.

Morgan County is in northern Colorado. It’s a largely agricultural community and has some historic landmarks. The green banner reflects the emphasis on the land, as does the wheat stalk in the title. The tractor is a salute the farmers who work so hard in the fields. Some of the title is translated into the Spanish and Somali languages, reflecting the diversity of the attending population.

Graphic Recording Eagle County by Sue Fody, Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, CO.Eagle County is about 30 minutes west of Vail. No, it’s not a ski town though it is a mountainous environment. The directive was to reflect the landscape, include the Eagle River, and be sure to acknowledge the diversity of the population. This title is blue, as the mountains are part of the skyline. The trees and flowers are part of the environment, and the people of a variety of skin tones reflect the diverse population.

Information is communicated to both counties in a way that makes it theirs. We may all live in different types of environments in the Colorado geography and economy. We may speak different languages and come from a variety of places. We all want the best for ourselves, our families and our communities. These maps are the start of some great projects and good things to come.

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