Feeling overwhelmed? Try this...Feeling overwhelmed? Even though it’s summer… and “the livin’ is easy’? This is a snippet from a graphic recording about veering off the main path and tripping into the pitfalls. There are many pitfalls that this graphic map depicts. This client needed to point to the pitfalls of thinking you can do it all yourself, getting in over your head because you thought you knew how but you didn’t, or not using time productively.

I’m going on vacation this month. It’s so exciting to be taking a road trip to Montana to see the glaciers in Glacier National Park…while they’re still here! So why was this graphic map speaking to me? The wise old owl suggests a pretty simple solution. Ask for help! Might he be talking to you…I mean me?

I did get all my work done before vacation, but I should have asked for help. So this leads me to think about why I…or we…hesitate to ask for help. Since I’m a pretty positive person, I prefer to look at the upside, or what happens when we (cave in?) and DO ask for help.

DIY…whole book sections are devoted to the joy and challenge of doing it yourself. The psychology section is devoted to not asking for help and having your small problems grow into a mountain of overwhelm! Kind of like this picture. You may want to think you don’t need to hang out in the psychology section.

So move forward with help from others. Too much work is stressful! Too much stress in unproductive and unpleasant. I like to help others. Don’t you? It’s warm, rewarding and it feels good. Listen to your wise old owl. Don’t wait until he flies in your face with a message!

Enjoy the summer! Take some time and enjoy the easy livin’!

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