Empower your training and meetings! Use your budget well for graphic recording in 2020 by Sue Fody, graphic recording artist at Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, CO.Did you do a good job planning the roadmap for this year’s goals? During the process, did you reflect back on the projects that added to your success in 2019? What made them so effective? Did you think about which projects didn’t make the impact you were hoping. Why not?

I cropped this illustration from a graphic recording map I created on the topic of energy and resilience. It talks about individuals adopting new, healthier practices in order to be more effective at work. I’m sure you have concepts that guided your new business year resolutions. And the toilet in the picture…that represents a path to symbolically flush away some of the methods you’ve used during the past year which didn’t produce ideal results. Out with the old…in with the new.

For example, maybe you ran a training session for a few departments in your organization and which were really fun events. After the training, everyone went back to work and didn’t have time to revisit the action plan they wrote in their workbooks. Flush that away. Then you remembered that time when you DID use a graphic recorder who created a summary map the participants loved. There were blank spaces where each participant wrote their own action plans on the illustration itself. Then each participant displayed their copy of the graphic recording in their office. They produced some great office décor by posting their ‘placemat sized’ copies because they were pretty, colorful and informative! Adopt that practice again – it worked!

For a better 2020, plan to empower your meetings and training workshops in 2020 by including graphic recording in your budget. Let’s brainstorm together! There are so many good ideas you could implement.

Sue Fody is a graphic recorder who creates live graphic recording maps for meetings, training sessions and conferences. She also prepares graphic maps and illustrations in her studio for a variety of business uses. Ask her about ideas she might help you with to communicate your ideas visually. She’ll consult with you so you can come up with some great ideas and include graphic recording to work within your budget.

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