Denver graphic recording map by Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, Colorado.I am finding many city organizations are coming to Denver to hear about our best practices and to experience some of our city. Chambers of Commerce and state and local government officials are coming our way. This period in our country is one of huge growth, and cities are looking to grow in unique ways for themselves. This particular chamber of commerce asked me to graphic record their final session where they put all their ideas together from their experiences here in the mile high city. I was invited to their final session to record their final session and create a one page visual summary illustrating the ideas they want to further explore. This Denver graphic recording map makes it easy to see the four categories of ideas and inspiration. Exciting for me…I got to graphic record in Mile High Stadium on a beautiful day!

If you are involved in a Chamber of Commerce or government organization, consider having your ideas visually recorded. It’s a beautiful way to capture thoughts and action items. Contact me today to discuss your options.

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