Networking with graphic recording by Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, CO.It’s the time of the season where your calendar is booking up with “end of year” meetings for each of the groups and organizations you spend time with during the year. Many of those events are networking opportunities for you the professional or you a member of an organization. If you use your time intentionally, you will strengthen relationships that may lead to business, career, or personal growth opportunities in the new year. If you are the one arranging networking sessions or social gatherings, it’s a perfect opportunity to ask those who attend what they think…about anything you and your organization feel is important!

Informal gatherings are full of opportunities to hear and learn from the impromptu and perhaps unfiltered thoughts and opinions of others. Picture it…small groups are standing or sitting. There is often food and drink involved. People are talking. That’s what we do! What are they saying?

Networking with graphic recording by Sue Fody of Got It! Learning Designs in Denver, CO.In my experience as a graphic recorder, I have helped several groups visually capture some of the conversations people are having. Groups who are asking have a purpose in mind. Many times their purpose is to ask attendees about past events or projects, soliciting opinions. Sometimes they will ask individuals to share thoughts about how they think the future should shape up. What a great thing – to ask group members (who all have strong opinions about how things ought to be) what they would like to see in the future. These are golden nuggets. These nuggets can be captured in visual format.

See what people are thinking! Capture wishes, opinions and memories. Capture people’s thoughts in a visual way. Making conversations visual and fun to look at creates magic. What people share can be translated into the visual message that depicts their ideas, feelings and opinions that we can all learn from.

Sue Fody is a graphic recorder who creates live graphic recording maps for meetings, training sessions and conferences. She also prepares graphic maps and illustrations in her studio for a variety of business uses. Ask her about ideas she might help you with to communicate your ideas visually. She enjoys graphic recording at networking events, and will interview your attendees to get responses and conversations about things happening in your organization.

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